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language hat

Thanks for the kind words! I'm a guy, and although I haven't worked in linguistics professionally since a bit of college teaching in 1977-78, I did grad work in historical linguistics throughout most of the '70s. I didn't have much interest in theoretical linguistics and despised the Chomskyan variety, and that bias is reflected in my blog. My focus is not so much linguistics per se as anything language-related, but I try to use my blog to spread what I consider the bedrock finding of linguistics, that any language comes in many varieties, all of them constantly changing, and that's OK. "Correct" means only "what native speakers say." You know the drill. Feels like Sisyphus pushing that rock up that hill, though...

polyglot conspiracy

Thanks for the mention! I am not sure one can get a PhD just on blog entries, though Language Log did after all get a book out of the deal. I'm interested in your work, since the internet and language is my main research area (though that doesn't come out in PC posts all that much).

The Language Guy

Thanks for the comments. You are right about the ability of a retiree to spend more time on a blog than others can. Unfortunately, I ahve been asked to do a book a based on my blog. That would be real work.


It's great that some of these blogs are still going strong — in some cases stronger than ever — and a pity a couple of them seem to be dormant. I suppose it's inevitable.

Robert Li

it is really helpful.

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