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Yunhua Xiang

Dear Prof. Myers,
I agree with you.
I was an academic researcher in your department from October, 2008 to September, 2009. Now I'm a teacher in the English Department of Jilin University, P. R. China. I'd like to be of some help in your research.

Best wishes,
Yunhua Xiang


I also think it is important that the affiliation histories be kept especially with the fact that it is very easy to do i.e. a small note on the profile that this person has moved here or there with a link perhaps.

It seems to be a bit of shock when one is cut off while the consequecnes may actually be much more than just losing an affiliation. Web visiblity is now a major part of the academic operation/aparatus which does not necesarily overlap with academic scholarship and contribution any way. I must admit that I was a bit shocked when I realised that I was quickly cut off from Lancaster university staff pages which suddenly made me invisible, at least for some time.

Academia.edu is helping a lot along with LinkedIn which is going much bigger. The issue of affiliation is a major problem for a lot of good original research and researchers. We tend not to take a person with no clear affiliation too seriously and the otherway around which reminds us of the power of discourse and representation again...


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